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Rebirth, Continuity and Expansion - Univa Grid Engine v8.0

on Tue, 04/12/2011 - 11:00

Today, Univa has announced the release of Univa Grid Engine version 8.0 (see the press release here). I've been with Grid Engine and its predecessors from the inception of the technology in 1993 and the version 8.0 release marks a milestone to me which has the words Rebirth, Continuity and Expansion inscribed.

Rebirth, in that the Grid Engine source code evolution got orphaned by Oracle in early 2010. There have been and there still are community forks but until today there hasn't been a product build based on one of them. So Univa Grid Engine version 8.0 is the rebirth of the solid, reliable, feature rich, flexible, extremely scalable and production-grade Grid Engine you are all used to.

Continuity, in that Univa Grid Engine version 8 is, like its predecessor Grid Engine 6.2u5, built upon code in the open source. It is API and configuration compatible with 6.2u5 as well as with 6.2u6 and 6.2u7 and it is professionally quality engineered and commercially supported.

Expansion, in that  Univa Grid Engine has an exciting roadmap defined in collaboration with large scale and thought-leading customers. Version 8.0 already comes with the first extensions on top of the open source core, namely an all-new and multi-threaded implementation of the interactive job support functionality which better integrates with tools requiring interactive session support.

So the book of Grid Engine has been reopened and new chapters are written. Read on here.