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About Univa Grid Engine

Univa Grid Engine 8.1 introduces critical functionality such as improved job debugging and diagnostics, processor core and NUMA memory binding, job classes and more. This release comes a few months prior to Univa's planned advanced capabilities such as license and policy management and enhanced support for software and hardware platforms.

This release enhances the Grid Engine open source core platform with advanced features and significant patches.

Why Univa?

Univa is the development and commercial source for Grid Engine. Our business focus envelopes use cases relating to high performance computing across segments such as Electronic Design Automation, Life Science, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing and other key technical computing segments. Our product roadmap is complete and full of features and capabilities important to all existing and future Grid Engine users.

Univa Grid Engine 8.1 is fully backed by the engineering experience and unique know-how of the primary developers who built and supported the product for over a decade. Univa Grid Engine 8.1 is quality controlled and fully supported by Univa.

For more information please visit Univa at